Thursday, December 25, 2008

All I lost for Christmas was my one back tooth

So on Christmas Eve, I broke a tooth. It's one of the molars on the right side, bottom. The one on the end. Dang. Luckily it doesn't hurt, so I got that goin' for me.

So I call the dentist's office and get the usual "If this is an emergency, please call..." message. I call and the following conversation ensued:

Me: "Hello?"
Phone: "Hello!"
Me: "Umm... hello?"
Phone: "Hello!"
Me: "Is this Dr. So-and-so's answering service?"
Phone: "This is Dr. So-and-so."

He actually put his personal cell phone number as the emergency contact number. I thought that was pretty cool. He told me what to do until after the holidays, and said he would see if he could look up my records online to figure out what's going on.

I got a message an hour later while I was on the phone with my mom. I just now remembered it and listened to it. It was Dr. So-and-so letting me know that he saw that it was one of the teeth he was a little worried about and that if it fractured the way he thought I would need a crown after the New Year. He said to make an appointment after the holidays, and that he would have his staff start the paperwork for the insurance.

This guy is good.


HeidiTri's said...

Let's get to the serious question: Did you still get to eat everything you wanted to for Christmas dinner?

Doohickie said...

Yeah, it's not bothering me at all; there's just this jagged edge in the back of my mouth.