Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Old Homestead

Here are some pics I took during summer vacation around my wife's parents' house. It's a nice little place on the westernmost edge of the Berkshire Mountain range, as they peter out into the Hudson River valley. Very photogenic. The house started out as a pre-fab, brought out in two big pieces and assembled over a full basement. The back porch, the extension in the front and the front porch were added on later.

This is what you see after you've driven down most of the driveway:

My in-laws own all the way up to the ridge behind the house.

The front porch is a great place to hang out.

Mr. & Mrs. Doohickie (me & the wife) on the front porch. I've lost almost 30 pounds since this picture was taken!

The back yard is pretty nice too.

If you keep going beyond the edge of the mowed area, you come to a little creek (which was dry by July).

Looking towards the back of the house from the creek bed:

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PennyCandy said...

I love these pictures, they actually make me want to go home for a visit.