Friday, July 22, 2011

The Next Stage of the Tour de Fort Worth

After a night time ride with our new mayor, I dragged my butt outta bed to ride with her again this morning.... early.

This time we met at the Fireman's Memorial at the north end of Trinity Park and rode up to, and past, the Stockyards.

I rolled up just as Betsy was taking a group picture.

And off we go.

I have to admit that the group set a surprisingly fast pace. Our new mayor is no slouch on a bike, running up to an 18 mph pace. A lot faster than most of my group rides, which are admittedly more on the social side. We rode through, actually under, the Stockyards and up the trail along Marine Creek to about NW 31th Street. Betty had appointments to get to, though, so we had to high-tail it back.

On the way back, I thought to take some pictures where we go under the Stockyards. The trail literally goes under Exchange Avenue, including the buildings along the street. If you haven't seen it before, it's pretty cool.

Then it was a dash back to Trinity Park. Downtown gets progressively closer.

I got some of the trail ride on video.

In the parking log afterward, Mayor Price said that it's been so enjoyable riding with different groups, she may organize regular rides, maybe once a month. There was also mention of setting up a Mayor's Sprint Triathlon next year. I can already see Betsy adding to the city's heritage.

After leaving the group, I had a hankerin' for some Mexican breakfast. I headed down Hemphill, knowing there are a few Mexican restaurants down that way. Along the way, I passed the old Berry theater building. It would be cool if someone could fix up this former gem.

It would take a lot of work though.

I ended up getting some huevos con chorizo (eggs with sausage, Mexican style) at El Mil Taco.

Kind of typical of the little taco places around here. You never know if the staff will speak English. I was lucky this time. I was able to order what I wanted and it was delightful. I got home before the worst of the heat settled in.


Pondero said...

It's nice to see that you are so tight with the mayor, and you have the bicycle in common. That just seems good all around. Maybe I need to do some interval training, and ride with the mayor some day.

Doohickie said...

Hardly tight. At this point, she knows who I am. I am in no position to adviser her on municipal policy.

volare said...

Ah, but you are in position to advise her! You are a citizen of Fort Worth. Betty works for us now, for $27,000 a year.

Doohickie said...

Good point. I guess what I should have said is that I don't have any special inside track.

Chandra said...

Riding with the Mayor, eh? Cool!
Peace :)