Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Like Night and Day

I'm not commuting on my bike much these days, but I'm trying to get miles in when I can. That basically means night time, or early morning on the weekends. On Saturday mornings I ride with a local club on their breakfast rides. I ride the 8 miles over to the meetup point, we ride to breakfast as a group (usually an hour and a half ride), have breakfast together, then, depending on where we had breakfast I ride back with the group at least part way. I usually cut away from the group at some point and ride home rather than riding back to the meetup point and backtracking. Here are some pics and video from a couple recent breakfast rides. The first was to Paul's Donuts.

Low water crossing over the Trinity River

Some video riding through Overton Park

Muggin' for the camera

The second was to Lucille's Stateside Bistro. We had a guest on this ride, Nick from Streams and Valleys, the organization that develops and maintains several of the MUPs (multi-use paths) along the Trinity River and elsewhere around the area.

On the way home, we went up to the western end of 7th Street, which leads to a very long descent toward University Drive and the Trinity River.

The new bike lanes along West 7th Street

Trinity Park

Kayakers on the Trinity

It was getting pretty hot so after leaving the group I stopped for some Gatorade.

The breakfast rides work because we get our miles in before the sun gets really hot. The alternative is to ride after dark. There is a loose group of folks who call themselves the Night Riders. This is kind of a come-as-you-are group, with racing bikes, fixed gear bikes, utility bikes, you name it. Some recent Night Rides:

July 3

Last Sunday night- July 17

And Monday night I did a solo night ride. Just me and the bike.

I'm doing whatever I can lately to miss the heat of mid-day.


Steve A said...

Riding at dawn is pleasant. Night not so much.

Apertome said...

I'm glad you're getting out, despite the heat. I have been wanting to do some night rides, but my good light is out of commission at the moment. I might have to break down and go anyway, with a subpar light.

Steve A said...

There's been heat? Apertome, SAY IT AIN'T SO!

Doohickie said...

Find some friends to ride with, then your subpar light will be adequate.

Chandra said...

Don't tell Steve, but I too am glad you're puttin' on some miles!

Peace :)

PS. I didn't know you owned a Donut Shop...:)

Pondero said...

Yeah, I like that early/late strategy to avoid the worst of the heat myself. Like Steve, I prefer early morning. I don't mind the darkness, it's just that it doesn't cool down much until after my bedtime.