Friday, February 05, 2010

Montgomery St. Cafe

I tried the Montgomery St. Cafe. It is in a nondescript building at 2000 Montgomery Street in Fort Worth,

across the street from the Cultural District and in view of downtown.

It is so nondescript that I had no idea it was there until the folks at Fort Worth Architecture Forum told me about it. So I parked my latest bicycle acquisition out front,

and headed in. The place opened up in 1949 and it's kind of like a time capsule. The Stock Show was still in town and the guy next to me at the counter had functional spurs on. How cool is that?

I ordered one of the breakfast specials that had a couple pieces of sausage, a couple eggs, and a couple pancakes. They brought them out and my "over medium" eggs appeared to have spent no more than 15 seconds on the griddle; the whites were very runny. I sent them back and eventually got proper over medium eggs. The end effect was pretty straightforward.

Once I dug in, I realized that the eggs weren't the only thing that weren't cooked quite right. The sausage was overcooked and the pancakes were very dry and not savory at all. I really like the vintage nature of this place,

...but frankly, the food just didn't live up to classic greasy spoon cooking. Maybe it was just an off-day for them, but I was less than impressed.

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m e l i g r o s a said...

loving all the signs and minor details.
thanks for sharing the latest food editions. yummmm :D