Monday, November 23, 2009

The Land of a Thousand Commutes

That's what Texas feels like this time of year. This morning was chilly, foggy and damp. I started out before sunrise and rode in. Here are a few scenes from my commute. Below: My new headlight that puts out 255 lumens is a big improvement over my old one.

I used to think cutting across a parking lot was a point of shame, but I've decided that certain parking lots do afford the best route for a cyclist. If I didn't turn into this parking lot I'd have to make a left turn at a major intersection. My bike won't trip the signal, and it might be three or four turns of a light before a car turns left at that spot.

Pea soup!

My commuter... This weekend I went from the Origin8 Space Bar I've run for several months back to the original flat bar, plus I added some bar ends, just to change things up a bit.

The ride home was a totally different story. The sun burned off the fog early and was still shining a bit when I left for home. But this being fall, it didn't hang around long.

Riding into the sunset.

I think I'll wait for the green light, thanks...

In fifteen minutes it went from the twilight above to the total darkness below. Talk about night falling!

I made it home, safe and sound. The new headlight is a Cygolite Rover II LED with 25 Watts and 255 lumens. It's a big improvement. Now for the back I'd like to get one more PlanetBike Superflash so I can leave one on steady and put the other in blink mode.


Steve A said...

Don't let Rantwick's mom find out, but those parking lots did look pretty desolate. If the parking lot is empty enough you can randomly drive around in without serious risk, it's probably bike friendly, too. Signal triggering is always an interesting challenge, however.

Myself, nowadays I'd be more concerned about that white lane/dot portion. Actually, I'm jealous since I'm stuck at home with a cough & sniffles & such. With all the hand sanitized at work, it somehow seems wrong to go to work with such symptoms this year.

jtgyk said...

I've come to the same conclusion about parking lots as well (same problem with stop lights).

Your new headlight is spankin'!
I'm pretty happy with my Magic Shine that came 2 weeks ago.

RANTWICK said...

I still don't have a proper light, only some "be seen" blinkies that don't help much when I'm out of streetlight coverage.

It was super misty this morning in London too... it is London after all. Miraculously, there'e been no snow yet here! That's crazy!

Rat Trap Press said...

Your ride to work looks really dreary. Do you worry about making lane changes in the fog? The reduced sight distance would really bother me.

I like the photos. The bike is looking good and that light is awesome.

Dottie said...

That sure is a lot of fog. Good thing you have such a powerful light. I think it's time for me to hunt for strong secondary lights in the front and back.

Chandra said...

you are gonna love that extra lighting this winter.

peace :)

Maggie said...

I cut through two business parking lots on my daily commute; it's just a safer route. Both lots have private security patrolling. I always get a friendly wave from them. I am respectful that I am on private property. You see, I don't actually 'cut' through the lots, but rather follow the same path as if I was in a car.

Velouria said...

That bar tape looks nice in the fog!