Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Half Century!

So I closed out the year by bicycling 50 miles (actually, 57) which is known as a Half Century. It's by far the longest I've ridden since starting to ride again in February. It may be the longest I've ridden in a single day ever. For those who care, here is my route.

I did the ride on my Raleigh Marathon, which is a quarter century old. Toward the end of the ride I thought I had a problem with my rear rim (I popped a spoke yesterday and the bike shop fixed it). Today toward the end of the ride (like the last 15 miles) I had a very pronounced pulsing every time the tire went around. Just before getting home, I glanced down while I was stopped and saw the mother of all bulges on the tire. This was an old tire and I think it picked its time to go bad. Luckily it held together until I got home.

UPDATE ON JAN 1: So that bulging tire brought the New Year in with a bang! It exploded at 6 am this morning. I'm glad it held together yesterday!


HeidiTri's said...

That is awesome! I think I might need to move to Ft. Worth. We got 8 inches of snow here yesterday- riding outside was not possible :(

PennyCandy said...

Move the whole crew down here. There are 400 music educator positions that went unfilled this year in Texas.

HeidiTri's said...

Kevin and I want to know, how long did the ride take you?

Doohickie said...

Five hours. I figure actual saddle time was about 4:15 due to two breaks, one for lunch and one to get a drink. That comes out to a little over 13 mph while I was actually riding, including traffic.