Friday, June 13, 2008

Just normal life things

If I'm lucky, I'll get Father's Day off this Sunday, which would be my first day off in nearly two weeks. The following day I leave for a two-week business trip. The second half of that trip, Mrs. Doohickie will be in the same city for a business trip as well, but I think we might not even get a chance to see each other.

Son-2 will be at camps the next couple weeks- Orchestra Camp next week, Church Camp the week after that.

The big news is that Son-1, who has been kind of in a rut, is finally looking to dig his way out. He's looking into online university programs and has found one he may try. He also recently had dinner with one of his best friends from high school whom he hasn't seen since graduation. He thought his friend was mad at him and that's why they'd lost contact. His friend didn't remember it that way at all, and they've renewed their friendship.

These have been trying times between Son-1 and myself. He had been just a great son, doing all the right things for so long. After a bad experience at college, he kind of fell into a rut... not exactly destructive, but not moving forward either. He is of an age where simply commanding him to do things is useless. If he does things because Mom & Dad tell him to, he has no enthusiasm for them and therefore he does not follow through.

I'm hoping that the online program will work because this is something he's sought out on his own. Only time will tell. Parenting of adult children can be so trying because the whole term is an oxymoron. They're no longer children; they're adults. When they're little, you can guide them along the path you envision. At some point, though, they have to stop following your vision and find their own vision to follow. With Son-1 that has taken a little longer than any of us would have expected.


KARL NOVAK said...

Hi Doohickie,
Hope you have a Happy Father's day.
Nice blog

KARL NOVAK said...

All I can say is to bring a good book, something to eat or drink, and enjoy the phenomena we call "airport appreciation time". Have fun!!!

Actually the worst airports to fly in and out of are in the northeast: Newark, Laguardia, and JFK. ALWAYS delays. The controllers are really costing the airlines a LOT of money, and could really care less about it. Have a great flight and thanks for adding my blog to your bloglist. regards, karl